Return & Refund Policy



As-Is items cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason.


Refund & Exchange Policy


ALL SALES ARE FINAL, thus Refund & Exchange is Unacceptable as agreed during the Checkout.

Price Disclaimer


The prices displayed on the website are quoted in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) and are valid and effective only.


Damage / Defects

 1. Customers must inspect the items for damages/defects upon delivery/pick up. Damages must be notified within 24 hours. Faulty claims or refunds claims after 7 days of delivery will be treated as a warranty claim and, the customer will bear the delivery costs incurred in the claim process.


2. We will not replace a product that is misuse, broken, missing parts, defects caused by you. Mistreated, failure to use in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, using it in an abnormal way or failure to take reasonable care.


3. During delivery, if have Damage on product which is the product 100% can’t be function, 100% can’t be used, 100% broken, customer have the rights to claim full refund


4. If Product have Defect on the certain part that cause by factory, which is the product physically still can be use & still can be function, customer can’t claim for full refund or new replacement, but we can provide two option for customer

Option 1. Hause Living Sdn Bhd will do repairs or repaint on the defect or scratch part only but unsatisfied with the end product after repairing we will not refund.

Customer need to accept the end product after we repairs or repaint the defect or scratch part. The end product after repairing or repaint may vary in colour and texture to the original and such variations & it is not considered a defect.

Option 2 : If customer don’t want to repair or repaint on the defect part, Hause Living Sdn Bhd only can offer customer 20% refund from the purchase price.


5. The product that customer want to claim under warranty, defect or damage, will be inspected by After Sales and Management team by Referring the Condition on the item and Company Policy. Customer don’t have right to determine condition product her/him self. Only After Sales & Management Team can determined and inspected condition of the product regarding the product issue.